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Carbon net Zero

We are committed to achieving carbon net zero emission status across our operations by 2035 & have the long-term commitment to become net zero across our entire value chain by 2050

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Zero Waste Initiative

Zest & Berry has a ‘zero to landfill initiative’. This means all our fruit stays within the food chain. One way we do this is by donating surplus fruit to food banks. We also use minimal packaging and recyclable materials where possible.

We do use small amounts of plastic, which is not yet recyclable. However, we are working towards making all our packaging 100% reusable or recyclable.


Our Growers

Zest & Berry has long standing relationships with growers from around the world, who are specialists in their field, and grow the best fruits for our customers. Some of our growers are multi-generational, with a wealth of knowledge being passed down the family, to ensure the highest of standards are maintained. Many of our fruits are among the healthiest you can eat.

fruit grower

fruit grower

fruit grower

fruit grower

Our Fruit Map

Our fruit baskets, including our fruit gift boxes, fruit hamper delivery and luxury fruit basket all use the highest quality fruits from all over the world. We now offer an office fruit delivery box that contains all of our favourite fruits.

Championing British when in season to support local and our UK growers, but we also follow the sun to ensure the highest quality of fruit all year round. Why don’t you see for yourself on our map below…

Apple Apple Avocado Avocado Banana Banana Grape Fruit Grape Fruit Grapes Grapes Kiwi Kiwi Lemon Lemon Lime Lime Mango Mango Nectarine Nectarine Orange Orange Passion Fruit Passion Fruit Pear Pear Pineapple Pineapple Plum Plum Soft Citrus Soft Citrus Stone Fruit Stone Fruit
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