When it comes to health and wellbeing, everyone has a responsibility. Taking ownership over our health to sustain our body and mind is vital. However, as an employer, you can encourage employees to adopt healthier habits. There are plenty of initiatives you can take. One of those might include promoting healthier snacks in the office such as a fruit hamper.

Out of sight, out of mind

It’s easy, isn’t it? Sweets and sugary snacks are cheap, accessible and tempting. How many of us reach for the biscuit or sweet jar when we want a sugar rush? And when there’s a birthday or workiversary, how often are cakes and chocolate part of the celebration?

Earlier this year, the Food Standard Agency’s chairwoman stated that people should not bring cake into the office as it encourages people to eat unhealthily. In fact, in a study conducted by British Summer Fruits, 33% of respondents snacked during meetings only because the food was in front of them!

With only 8% of respondents being provided with fresh fruit in meetings, compared to 81% receiving sugary snacks, it just goes to show that the food you offer can really impact what your employees eat throughout the day.

The first step to encouraging employees to eat more fruit is to remove any company-owned sugary snacks. This might not go down well with everyone in the office on day one. But, if tempting sweet treats are within easy reach, people are more likely to eat them – especially if they’re the only snack on offer when they’re feeling a little peckish.

Buy fruit boxes for the office

Now that you’ve removed the sweet jar, you can replace it with something a little healthier. A fruit box for the office is a great way to maintain consistency. After all, you don’t want employees to adopt good habits for a week to then be straight back on the chocolate, cake and biscuits. You can place your fruit boxes in the kitchen and canteen areas, main office or even in your meeting rooms.

Practice what you preach

Lead by example and practice what you preach. These are important management mottos. But if your employees only ever see you grabbing sugary snacks and coffees, that’s not much of an advert for them to tuck into a tasty apple, orange, banana or bowl of grapes.

There’s no need to impose a draconian company-wide ban on sugary snacks. It’s more about making sweets less available while making fruit more accessible. It’s also important to encourage and normalise its consumption in the workplace. You could even make it part of your employee wellbeing programme or policy.

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